Midday Meals for neglected elderly persons

Need & purpose of the program
Many Elderly persons belonging to poor & underprivileged are facing many problems for their survival. Economic Flight and Inflation has increased the difficulties of Elderly Persons as large number families do not have means of proper livelihoods. The family system and Social values have been under going significant change which is not favorable to the Elderly. They have no access to proper diet. The poor families when they go for work, the elderly persons remain at home with out food. Hence midday meal to elderly persons has to be provided in order to stop them from starvation. We therefore conducted midday meals for neglected elderly persons.

We have identified neglected elderly persons like Homeless, Beggars, Deserted and persons neglected by their families. We supplied every day one time midday meal including Cooked Rice, Dal, Vegetables Curry, Sambar, Papad, Fresh Fruits, Curd, Butter Milk to 30 elderly persons age between 60 to 90yrs, who are being neglected and rejected by their own kin and kith. We provided midday meal to them during September 2014.


  1. 30 neglected elderly persons benefited from this program.
  2. They get nutritious midday meal for one month
  3. The beggars stopped begging during the month
  4. The homeless enjoyed midday meal.
  5. The neglected have good meal during day time.
  6. The health conditions improved due to timely nutritious diet.
  7. Their hope on life increased.

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