Health Education for Women and Children

Months of Project: September 2014 to November 2014

Locations of Implementation

Health education program for Women & Children was conducted in the following 5 rural locations of different mandals.

  • Ramallakota Village, Veldurthy Mandal on 20-09-2014
  • Sudepalle Village, Veldurthy Mandal on 28.09.2014
  • Bilakalagudur Village, Gadivemula Mandal on 12.10.2014
  • Bhanumukkala village, Pamulapadu Mandal on 18.11.2014
  • Vanala Village, Pamulapadu Mandal on 24.11.2014

Purpose of the Program

  1. To inculcate good health habits & practices among women & children.
  2. To enlighten women and children on nutritious balanced diet particularly fruits and leafy vegetables.
  3. To motivate women particularly pregnant & lactating mothers on health, child care, persona hygiene & nutritious diet.
  4. To aware children on personal hygiene, primary health, sanitation and seasonal & communicable diseases.
  5. To educate women on gynic & reproductive health systems.


  • An average of 60 women & children benefited from each of 5 camps totally 300 women & children.
  • The awareness level of women & children on health, hygiene, sanitation, communicable diseases, etc enhanced.
  • The health practices and diet practices of women & children changed positively.
  • The health and hygiene practices of the women & children improved.
  • The consumption of nutritious diet like fruits & vegetables increased among women & children.
  • The health conditions of pregnant & lactating mothers improved.
  • The health facilities being provided by the Government is being utilized by the women & children due to motivation provided in the camps.
  • Due to increase on health awareness, the expenditure on health reduced.
  • Women & Children were timely approaching Govt. Hospitals & Primary Health Centers due to increased health awareness

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