It is very true to say that old age people need the same amount of love, care, time and support as children do. Both are in an age where they require someone to be on their side but usually, children do get that love and support whereas old aged people do not. One should understand that they do not want your money, but your support, time and love.
GWE NGO India is trying to make some efforts in order to help them live the rest of their lives happily and in a healthy manner. We think that at this age, the most important things that they need are-

1. Nutritious meal so that they do not sleep empty stomach
2. Grocery support so that they can keep themselves clean and away from diseases
3. Nutritious Diet for their well being
4. Blankets to cover themselves in cold weather
Keeping the above things in mind we have come up with individual programs so that we can do as much as possible for our elders.