Creche Center for deprived children of working mothers


We have been running the crèche centre at Budhavarapeta for 30 kids. The crèche centre was very useful to the children of working mothers, who cannot afford to take care off. The children in the centre were able to get care and support in the absence of their parents. The children in the center were able to get nutritious food and basic literacy, thus facilitated for well being of the child.


  1. To provide care and support to the children during day time, when their mothers are on work at construction sites and market yards.
  2. To provide nutritious food and facilitate for playing for the development of children of deprived for their better future.
  3. To run crèche centre for the children of poor working mothers, who are working in hazardous profession like beedi making, market and construction work.
  4. To provide health services and inculcate good habits among children of deprived.
  5. To teach basic literacy and rhymes for facilitating regular education.

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