Distribution of Fruits, Breads and Milk to the patients in Govt Hospital

We have conducted this program with public donations generated locally. We have spent Rs.15000/- on this program. On 10-12-2014, we have distributed the fruits, breads to 50 pregnant women & tuberculosis patients in Government General Hospital, Kurnool, who comes from remote rural villages and other districts. They are not able to take nutritious food, due to absolute poverty. GWE identified this gap and decided to distribute the fruits and breads to them. This program helped the patients to recover quickly.

Health Education for Women and Children

Months of Project: September 2014 to November 2014

Locations of Implementation

Health education program for Women & Children was conducted in the following 5 rural locations of different mandals.

  • Ramallakota Village, Veldurthy Mandal on 20-09-2014
  • Sudepalle Village, Veldurthy Mandal on 28.09.2014
  • Bilakalagudur Village, Gadivemula Mandal on 12.10.2014
  • Bhanumukkala village, Pamulapadu Mandal on 18.11.2014
  • Vanala Village, Pamulapadu Mandal on 24.11.2014

Purpose of the Program

  1. To inculcate good health habits & practices among women & children.
  2. To enlighten women and children on nutritious balanced diet particularly fruits and leafy vegetables.
  3. To motivate women particularly pregnant & lactating mothers on health, child care, persona hygiene & nutritious diet.
  4. To aware children on personal hygiene, primary health, sanitation and seasonal & communicable diseases.
  5. To educate women on gynic & reproductive health systems.


  • An average of 60 women & children benefited from each of 5 camps totally 300 women & children.
  • The awareness level of women & children on health, hygiene, sanitation, communicable diseases, etc enhanced.
  • The health practices and diet practices of women & children changed positively.
  • The health and hygiene practices of the women & children improved.
  • The consumption of nutritious diet like fruits & vegetables increased among women & children.
  • The health conditions of pregnant & lactating mothers improved.
  • The health facilities being provided by the Government is being utilized by the women & children due to motivation provided in the camps.
  • Due to increase on health awareness, the expenditure on health reduced.
  • Women & Children were timely approaching Govt. Hospitals & Primary Health Centers due to increased health awareness

Midday Meals for neglected elderly persons

Need & purpose of the program
Many Elderly persons belonging to poor & underprivileged are facing many problems for their survival. Economic Flight and Inflation has increased the difficulties of Elderly Persons as large number families do not have means of proper livelihoods. The family system and Social values have been under going significant change which is not favorable to the Elderly. They have no access to proper diet. The poor families when they go for work, the elderly persons remain at home with out food. Hence midday meal to elderly persons has to be provided in order to stop them from starvation. We therefore conducted midday meals for neglected elderly persons.

We have identified neglected elderly persons like Homeless, Beggars, Deserted and persons neglected by their families. We supplied every day one time midday meal including Cooked Rice, Dal, Vegetables Curry, Sambar, Papad, Fresh Fruits, Curd, Butter Milk to 30 elderly persons age between 60 to 90yrs, who are being neglected and rejected by their own kin and kith. We provided midday meal to them during September 2014.


  1. 30 neglected elderly persons benefited from this program.
  2. They get nutritious midday meal for one month
  3. The beggars stopped begging during the month
  4. The homeless enjoyed midday meal.
  5. The neglected have good meal during day time.
  6. The health conditions improved due to timely nutritious diet.
  7. Their hope on life increased.

Distribution of Groceries to old age persons

Poor Old age persons belonging to weaker sections have been suffering from timely nutritious food. Their family members are neglecting to the old age persons due to their in capacity to work and the family members’ busy engagement with their works. The old age persons have been starving and their health conditions has been deteriorating. They need to be supported towards groceries. If groceries are provided to them, some family members will cook and supply food to them. Hence, we have distributed groceries to 20 old age persons living in Pasupala Village, Kurnool Mandal & District with the kind support from Shamdasani Foundation

This is a continuous program as old age persons have lost the respect and love from their family members and needs support for their better living. The old age persons belonging to poor families are starving because poor families cannot afford to feed old age persons. They face harassment from their own family members. Our volunteers and staff members conducted survey and identified such poorest old age destitute women. This is very useful and needy program which has to be continued and extended further. With this program the old age persons were able to get nutritious food and respect from their family members. An amount of Rs.25000/- was spent to provide groceries to 20 poor old age persons at Pasupala Village, Kurnool Mandal during the month of August 2014.